Effective Teamworking


More effective teamworking comes from people understanding and appreciating the uniqueness that each individual brings to the task required of the group.  Understanding the needs of the task and of context of the situation is key to knowing how each person contributes to this.  The IDI provides this level of analysis.  Its focus is not just on the individuals and the value of the combination of these individuals but relates this to the job that these individuals are tasked to undertake.

TeamworkThe IDI is a development instrument that gives insightful feedback to people based on how they are seen by other people – not how it feels inside themselves.  Having seen themselves from another point of view, people can really begin to learn how their behaviour can have positive and negative impacts on situations and other people.  This is when genuine change, insight and development can happen.

IDI licensed facilitators use the IDI in many team situations as they find that the instrument is of great value.  They see the unique benefits of the IDI in team learning to be:

  • PROJECT TEAMS. – strengths and weakness of the team are really understood and strategies developed for more effective project delivery.
  • TOP TEAMS – greater trust between members and deeper understanding of each others motives and natural strengths.
  • SALES – people learning about adapting to client needs.
  • MANAGEMENT TEAMS – learning about their natural strengths in meeting job demands and where they lack competence and process skills for effective delivery.
  • Inter team working – how teams see each other.
  • Collaborative working – learning to trust and understand each others personal, client and work needs.
  • Working beyond hierarchy – developing confidence beyond traditional power relationships
  • Conflict resolution – The IDI can be used as part of this process

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