Some of our recent customer feedback

AlbaPharm first used IDI as part of a Team Development Programme. As with all Teams we had stresses and strains and we
were looking for ways to create positive energy and harness the efforts of all Team Members towards a shared vision, goals and objectives.

The learning process was enthusiastically taken up by the Team. They thought it was fun and they enjoyed seeing the results and comparing what they thought of themselves compared to others’ perceptions. The facilitator was an essential part of the process. She gave a very full explanation of the background to IDI, she also stressed that nothing is wrong in how your profile emerges – a lot of people have the perception that you will have a good profile or a bad profile but when the facilitator explained that there is no bad, no wrong answers, no¬†grading people against each other – that helped a great deal.

For our Team the great thing was gaining an understanding of each other, what makes us tick, why we behave in the way we do. This insight let us move beyond the conflicts and misunderstandings of the past, helped us to use our strengths in different ways, and allowed us to support each other and engage with each other on a level which we could never have attained without participating in the IDI Process. We also used the
process to integrate two new Team Members and again I believe that this session allowed us to achieve a much quicker integration and also avoid some pitfalls which could have caused us time and energy to resolve.

In terms of business performance, the Team has acquired a degree of professionalism and commitment which has enabled us to deliver complex projects and seize the initiative for continuing improvement and development.

Finally, for me personally IDI raised my awareness of aspects of my personality which were perhaps stuck in my sub-conscious. It also gave me reassurance and confidence in myself in certain areas of my life extending to my whole life and not simply my working life. The accuracy and
integrity of IDI is truly inspiring.