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What is the IDI (Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory)

About Us


The IDI gives you an accurate picture of how others view you in the workplace.

From our first developmental steps we, as human beings, begin forming our own preferred ways of dealing with others in our environment, i.e., our preferred ”interpersonal behavioural styles”.

Because many aspects of our preferred interpersonal behavioural styles can be observed by others, they are also measurable and described.  It is our behaviour that others see and not what we think or feel.  These behaviours are habitual and the IDI draws these into 4 distinct social styles.

What it measures

The IDI measures three dimensions of an individual’s interpersonal behaviour

The first dimension, ”directiveness”, is assessed on a scale from ”seldom” to ”often” and is a measure of the degree to which an individual is perceived as striving to influence or have control over others.

The second dimension, ”affiliation”, is also assessed on a seldom-often scale and is a measure of the degree to which an individual is perceived as attempting to form close personal relationships with others.

The directiveness and affiliation scales are used as the axis for a 2 x 2 matrix or ”IDI-grid” that describes four distinct interpersonal styles. We have named these interpersonal styles after the unique inherent strengths of each: Motivators, Producers, Processors, and Relators.

The third dimension measured by the IDI, ”adaptability”, assesses the degree to which an individual is perceived as willing and able to adjust key elements of his/her own preferred interpersonal style in order to better meet the needs of others and/or of different situations.

How it worksAbout Us

Administration of the instrument is simple – it is all accessed through a website.  You complete an oline form for yourself and ask 6 colleagues (your boss, your staff/colleagues – or anyone that you choose) to complete a form.  Feedback is then given in a face to face setting either one to one or in a workshop.

Business Applications

What is IDI for:

This is a development instrument that gives really insightful feedback to people based on how they are seen by other people – not how it feels inside themselves.  Having seen themselves from another point of view, people can really begin to learn how their behaviour can have positive and negative impacts on situations and other people.  This is when real change, insight and development can happen.

IDI is great for:

  • One to one coaching
  • Team development
  • Leadership and management development  – within programmes or stand alone IDI events.
  • Sales team development
  • Project teams
  • Professional development

Some key areas in which the IDI has been useful:

  • TEAMS Helping teams see where they are effective and need to improve.
  • MANAGERS understanding in what situations they can rely on their strengths and in what situations they need to be more flexible.
  • LEADERS learning how to become more adaptable in their behaviours, understanding how they need to change and gaining their teams respect.
  • SALES people learning about adapting to client needs.
  • NEGOTIATION meeting ours and others needs.
  • PROJECT TEAMS strengths and weakness of the team are really understood and strategies developed for becoming more effective.
  • TOP TEAMS greater trust between members and deeper understanding of each others motives and natural strengths.
  • SENIOR MANAGERS learning about their strengths to achieve corporate strategy/aims and growing more effective practises that help achieve business aims.
  • SUPERVISORS understanding when their natural communication skills are required and learning to be more honest about their needs. Managing up and down.
  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS developing personal effectiveness in our communication with a wide range of people and in differing situations.
  • CONFLICT dealing with conflict situations by working through with respect -  rather than avoiding.

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