Development Instrument


TheIDI is a development instrument that gives insightful feedback to people based on how they are seen by other people – not how it feels inside themselves.  Having seen themselves from another point of view, people can really begin to learn how their behaviour can have positive and negative impacts on situations and other people.  This is when genuine change, insight and development can happen.

LeadershipLeadership development concepts and activities in organisations can be multifaceted and numerous.  The IDI has been used as the focus of leadership development and also as an additional component depending on the needs of the clients and their situations.

Our IDI licensed facilitators use the instrument in a variety of ways including:

  • Executive coaching
  • In house leadership development programmes
  • Within a programme leading to formal qualifications
  • In conjunction with personal feedback
  • Recruitment
  • Assessment processes
  • Developing resilience and adaptability
  • Career conversations
  • Collaborative partnering situations

Client evaluation from a Scottish Local Authority recently stated:

  • The learning from the IDI profiling being used as a tool to relate to and communicate with colleagues more effectively and to explore new approaches to leadership and management. There was evidence of this increased awareness of self and others and emotional intelligence being used as a foundation for effective and value based leadership

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